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N E W S : R E P O R T S : 2 0 1 8
posted 11/5/2018

An exclusive invitation to commune with the songs and stories of Ware’s haunting soundscape in the decaying splendour Tony’s Empress Ballroom

‘Don’t touch a thing.’ So Martyn Ware instructed our producers when he first stepped into the abandoned grandeur of Tony’s Empress Ballroom. The legendary home of Northern Soul all-nighters has lain nearly untouched since its closure in the 1990s, preserving the creaking dance floors and lipstick-marked glasses of those heady nights.
Northern Soul classics from the Ballroom’s heyday whisper through Ware’s immersive three dimensional soundscape, intertwined with human voices and industrial sounds taken from the factory floor. Driving towards a sonic conclusion, the haunting piece comments on the ‘work hard, play hard’ cultures of Northern towns where work ruled the week and dancing ruled the weekend.
Join Ware & Illustrious Company and commune with the Rare Souls to the sounds and stories of the workers, before the ballroom comes unexpectedly to life…
Coleg Sir Gar BA Dance students
posted 1/4/2018
The majesty and power of the steel industry and the community around it
posted 25/3/2018

Sarah Hopkins, Tracey Moberly and Martyn Ware are united by their passion for creativity in all its forms - in particular, they discovered a close bond based on their fascination for industry, industrial architecture and processes. As they shared and developed their practices and skills for this project, they found that their fathers all had life-long careers within the UK steel industry. From an early age, they were brought up to appreciate the significance of industry and manufacture on their doorstep. This inspirational subject has led to the creation of an immersive and multi-disciplinary collaboration based on the beauty of power, industry and the community created by the ‘dignity of labour’ and the workers themselves.

The exhibition features as a range of artistic expressions - collagraphic works, screenprints, photographic prints, film and an immersive three-dimensional soundscape created at Martyn’s Illustrious studio. The textile banners are informed by an in-depth socio-political history of the areas and the tradition of trade union banners as a form of working class expression and pride. Four years in the making - POWER is a unique multimedia immersive experience celebrating the epic visual and sonic beauty of the steel industry, and the cultural and community legacy in Sheffield and Port Talbot...

open 1100-1800

120 Trafalgar St, Sheffield S1 4JT

Tuesday - Saturday (closed Sunday and Monday)

from Friday 30th March - Friday 13th April

no. 2 in a series of immersive soundscapes
posted 19/1/2018

The 2nd of our Illustrious soundscape season at the British Library atrium is to be played at 1700-1800 ...don't miss's free!

Liquid Histories - a collaboration with Central Saint Martins, Jeremy Till, Aberrant Architects and Gabriel Ware...