Large Scale Immersive Audio Experiment

Working in collaboration with Goldsmiths University and Duran Audio, the Large Scale Immersive Audio Experiment provided a chance for students from the college to have their soundscapes played on the backfield of the college using Illustrious’ 3D audio technology. Running for over a fortnight, the installation played a number of pieces created by the Goldsmiths Screenschool and Sound […]

Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle

First premiered as part of a two-hour performance at the Roundhouse in London, ‘Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle’ was a one-off performance/installation of  3D soundscapes by Vince Clarke and Martyn Ware of Illustrious. Staged in a white cloth-lined room, twelve meters in diameter, the event was an immersive experience in which the soundscapes were reflected visually by colored lighting […]

Hong Kong Container Scape

In 2012, we collaborated with Marcus Lyon to create an immersive, metallic soundscape to accompany a beautiful photography series that captures some of the largest migrations of shipping containers across the 21st century. “As the ability of humans, goods and services to circumnavigate the planet increases exponentially we are left disconnected from a simple view […]


To celebrate the 25th anniversary of i-D Magazine, the Fashion and Textile Museum launched an exhibition using images, short films, graphics, scents, and 3D sound from Illustrious to provide a multi-dimensional tour of the magazine’s history, as well as the wider concept of ‘identity’. Directed and curated by the magazine’s founder, creative director, and editor-in-chief, […]

Bowie’s Mood Music

Alexis Kirke and Martyn Ware discovered compelling patterns through computer analysis of David Bowie’s lyrics, song keys, album sales, and music features, presenting musical “sonifications” – the audio display of non-sound data. Using sonification of Bowie’s career data to map musical features such as tempo, pitch, and loudness and turning them into new musical compositions, […]

I am an Insect

Illustrious was commissioned to compose a beautiful, immersive orchestral 3D soundscape, featuring sounds of insects drifting around a magical ancient woodland glen. Children and adults added to the atmosphere by wearing specially created ‘insect hats’ with their own unique insect sounds. Spaces around and inside Bath Abbey were converted into a fantastical new world where […]

To Be Invisible

To Be Invisible was the second in a series following Breath Is Invisible, a monument in Notting Hill born out of a need to address issues of social inequality in London that were exacerbated during the early outbreak of coronavirus. The building’s facade adopted an immersive soundscape. The windows of the building were lit up […]

The Crossing

Illustrious created a 3D soundscape for The Crossing, a shopping centre in the heart of Liverpool, in honour of Cunard’s 175th transatlantic anniversary celebrations. Featuring orchestral compositions by Martyn and Gabriel Ware, it transported the listener from one magnificent city to another using unique 3D sound techniques. The soundscape offered height, depth and breadth to […]

Breathing Trees

Held as part of the Switched On London Festival, Creatmosphere: Breathing Trees was an immersive outdoor light and sound installation that transformed two enormous trees located next to Potters Field Park into living, breathing lungs. The two 20 metre high trees were illuminated using LED color-changing technology to give the impression of ‘breathing with light’ […]