Soundlife Ludwigsburg

As part of Raum Welten Festival, Illustrious created an immersive experience based on the unique sonic fingerprint of the city of Ludwigsburg, and how it differs from other urban environments. Martyn Ware used unique sounds from the city and recorded a sonic DNA to audibly transport visitors to anywhere in the City. The soundscape offered […]


Heroes was an immersive soundscape based on great British Olympic heroes from games staged in London and elsewhere from 1908 to the present day. The 10-minute looping composition, situated beneath the Bobby Moore Bridge (directly outside Wembley Park tube station), recreated the excitement of a variety of gold medal-winning performances and provided the perfect anticipatory […]

Sound Oasis

Created to coincide with the 70th anniversary of Mexico City’s Palacio de Bellas Artes, Sound Oasis showcased especially commissioned site and time-specific work from twelve international artists. Playing twenty-four hours a day seven days a week over a two-month period, the purpose of the installation was to create a Sound Oasis that interacted with the […]

Tales from the Bridge

Composed by Martyn Ware in collaboration with artistic director David Bickerstaff, Tales from the Bridge was a mesmerizing soundscape covering the entire length of the Millennium Bridge across London’s River Thames. It featured an hour-long looping immersive ambient electronic musical composition merged with an engaging spoken narrative written by the poet Mario Petrucci and voiced […]

SoundLife London

Composed and installed by Illustrious, SoundLife London was a unique 3D audio experience that sought to embody the sonic essence of London. Over a ten-day period, the composition, an hour-long looped soundscape, inhabited the entire space of the bustling Leicester Square Gardens in the heart of the capital. Revealing the 3D sound world that surrounds […]