Silentnight Soundscape

Using only sounds of manufacturing recorded at the Silentnight Factory in Barnoldswick, Lancashire, Illustrious created a unique soundscape created by the sounds of the factory. This dance-track was later paired to a viral video, designed to showcase how beds are made on the production line, to showcase the art in manufacturing, as part of the […]

I am an Insect

Illustrious was commissioned to compose a beautiful, immersive orchestral 3D soundscape, featuring sounds of insects drifting around a magical ancient woodland glen. Children and adults added to the atmosphere by wearing specially created ‘insect hats’ with their own unique insect sounds. Spaces around and inside Bath Abbey were converted into a fantastical new world where […]

To Be Invisible

To Be Invisible was the second in a series following Breath Is Invisible, a monument in Notting Hill born out of a need to address issues of social inequality in London that were exacerbated during the early outbreak of coronavirus. The building’s facade adopted an immersive soundscape. The windows of the building were lit up […]

It’s Always Ourselves We Find In The Sea

It’s Always Ourselves We Find In The Sea was a captivating and thought-provoking sound and art installation, an exploration of the waters of the earth and how the power of water binds all of humanity together. Created by Martyn and Gabriel Ware, with immersive storytellers Oscar Blustin and Anna Söderblom. The installation was a commentary […]

Power Project

Power Project was an exhibition that examined the themes of Power and Industry using synaesthetic imagery, creating an immersive and multisensory experience for the viewer. The artists collaborated over their interest in shared industrial architecture and processes, the artists discovered a closer bond, as all their fathers had life-long careers in the UK steel industry. […]

The Crossing

Illustrious created a 3D soundscape for The Crossing, a shopping centre in the heart of Liverpool, in honour of Cunard’s 175th transatlantic anniversary celebrations. Featuring orchestral compositions by Martyn and Gabriel Ware, it transported the listener from one magnificent city to another using unique 3D sound techniques. The soundscape offered height, depth and breadth to […]

Breathing Trees

Held as part of the Switched On London Festival, Creatmosphere: Breathing Trees was an immersive outdoor light and sound installation that transformed two enormous trees located next to Potters Field Park into living, breathing lungs. The two 20 metre high trees were illuminated using LED color-changing technology to give the impression of ‘breathing with light’ […]

Red Bull 3D Soundclash

Held at London’s prestigious Royal Albert Hall, 3D Soundclash was a live music event that saw DJs from Warp records and Ninja Tune battling it out using Illustrious Company’s 3D sound technology. Warp records and Ninja Tune are two of Britain’s seminal independent labels, consistently promoting new and exciting electronic groups and musicians. 3D Soundclash provided […]

Hearts on Fire

Commissioned by exclusive diamond jewellery retailer Hearts on Fire, Illustrious created a series of 3D Soundscapes to play in all of their stores worldwide. Like the diamonds themselves, these compositions were one-off, gentle, and delicate. Customers were provided with a unique immersive retail experience.

Tales from the Bridge

Composed by Martyn Ware in collaboration with artistic director David Bickerstaff, Tales from the Bridge is a mesmerizing soundscape covering the entire length of the Millennium Bridge across London’s River Thames. It featured an hour-long looping immersive ambient electronic musical composition merged with an engaging spoken narrative written by the poet Mario Petrucci and voiced […]