Liquid Histories, Shanghai

Illustrious has created an immense 3D soundscape in collaboration with Central Saint Martins and Aberrant Architects in Shanghai as part of their Shanghai Urban Space Art Season 2017. LIQUID HISTORIES – ‘The Thames between imaginary and reality’ The title of the installation refers to the way that history can be told through multiple viewpoints and […]

Everything Old Is New Again

Illustrious created a 3D soundscape merging the thoughts and feelings of old and young people, creating a delicate and thought-provoking juxtaposition. As part of Illustrious’s annual participation in Bath’s Forest Of Imagination Festival in June 2019, Illustrious created a soundscape merging the thoughts, ambitions, reminiscences, and dreams of generations young and old. The 3D soundscape […]

Afro Deep (Vol.3) – Remix O-iye

As a collaboration between the Beating Heart Project (reimagining Africa’s largest indigenous sound recording archive), Illustrious’s Martyn Ware and Tom Gillieron have created a contemporary remix entitled O-Iye for the Beating Heart – Afro Deep (Vol.3) album.


Illustrious collaborated with artist Dawinder Bhansal to create a soundscape based on frank interviews with a variety of couples who fell in love in the 80’s, and are still together. The piece can be found, along with many other reminiscent artifacts on the WE FOUND LOVE IN THE 80’S website. Dawinder Bhansal Comments –  “The […]

CUCUSONIC – Forestronic

Illustrious was part of a major collaborative team working with In Place Of War to participate in a jointly created exhibition entitled ’Sounds Of The Columbian Rainforest’. Martyn Ware composed the soundscape Forestronic, which became part of a much larger project. Cucusonic is an album created by a collaborative collective of Colombian bio-scientists, anthropologists, and […]

Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle

First premiered as part of a two-hour performance at the Roundhouse in London, ‘Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle’ was a one-off performance/installation of  3D soundscapes by Vince Clarke and Martyn Ware of Illustrious. Staged in a white cloth-lined room, twelve meters in diameter, the event was an immersive experience in which the soundscapes were reflected visually by colored lighting […]

Playstation Party

Featuring performances from Vince Clark and Martyn Ware of Illustrious as well as a special set from pop group Erasure, the Sony Playstation Party was a private event that mixed ambient electronica and pop music using 3D surround sound. Split into two parts, the show began with a performance of ambient electronic music composed by Clark and Ware, […]

Sweetly The Air Flew Overhead

Working in collaboration with Cathy De Monchaux, Illustrious provided the three-dimensional soundscapes for Sweetly The Air Flew Overhead an exhibition of visual, sculptural, and sonic art. A Turner-Prize Nominated artist, Cathy De Monchaux’s work defies categorisation, and she has over a number of years exhibited extensively across the world. For this innovative exhibition, Illustrious created a 3D […]

Tokyo by Kenzo

Working in collaboration with Skrapic Consulting, Illustrious created a series of immersive 3D soundscapes to accompany an experiential brand installation featured at the launch of Kenzo’s Tokyo fragrance for men. The launch combined visuals and light installations by Skrapic with ambient electronic compositions and three-dimensional sound technology from Illustrious, to provide an immersive experience for visitors reflecting […]

Hong Kong Container Scape

In 2012, we collaborated with Marcus Lyon to create an immersive, metallic soundscape to accompany a beautiful photography series that captures some of the largest migrations of shipping containers across the 21st century. “As the ability of humans, goods and services to circumnavigate the planet increases exponentially we are left disconnected from a simple view […]