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Event Location

The Drawingboard at 

The Sunday School

32 Cambridge St,


Opening Event

May 24th and 25th

Connect the dots

At The Drawingboard are particularly interested in the way digital becomes physical and this theme is reflected in this exciting opening programme of work.

We are promoting this new approach by commissioning leading Sheffield born artist and musician Martyn Ware ( Heaven 17, Human League and The Illustrious Company) to bring his unique 3D sound system to the city.

Using this purpose designed technology Martyn will create an immersive audio experience that combines the physicality of the sound wave with the reception of outstanding new music .

Martyn will be working with collaborators Darkstar who have steadily developed an electronica cache sound that draws sonically from grime, dubstep, electro and synth-pop, Darkstar  and are newly signed to Warp Records .

The opening programme reflects a revised perspective on technology and its increasingly closer relationship with the human body. The work over the two day opening festival affirms this and reflects the hand of the maker.

The weekends events will include installations and performances from

Andrea Byrne



Martyn Ware

Fatima Al Quidiri




Ninja tune

Connect The Dots

 Connect The Dots is a new arts organisation designed to ‘synergise’ aspects of contemporary arts and digital multimedia - art, photography, film, music and technology through exhibition, performance, interaction and discussion.